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About Metal Wound Gasket

- Nov 08, 2017 -

Metal wound gasket is a kind of sealing gasket which is widely used at present, the best elastomeric gasket in a semi metallic dense pad is alternately twisted by a V-shaped or W-shaped steel strip and a variety of fillers, capable of high-temperature, high-pressure and conditioned conditions under ultra-low or vacuum, by changing the material combination of the gasket, It can solve the problem of chemical corrosion of gasket by various mediums, the density of the structure can be made according to the requirements of different locking force, in order to strengthen the main body and accurate positioning, the spiral wound gasket is provided with metal inner reinforcing ring and outer locating ring, the inner and outer steel ring is used to control the maximum compaction degree, and the surface precision of the flange sealing surface of the

Metal wound Gasket in the design of flange cushion for easy installation, according to the gasket caliber size, in the gasket periphery welds the $number a position belt, lets the localization belt buckle in the flange hole, prevents the gasket to shift or falls off when installs, at present mainly uses in the petroleum, the chemical industry, the metallurgy, the electricity, the ships, the machinery and so on the pipeline, the valve The condenser, heat exchanger, tower, manhole, hand hole and other flange joints are sealed.

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