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All aspects of metal wound gaskets far exceed the paper pad

- Nov 13, 2018 -

Why is the difference between a paper mat and a metal wound gasket so large? The paper pad can only be guaranteed for one to two months, because the paper pad will be damaged by moisture and corrosion, and the water leakage will be inevitable. The normal life of metal wound gaskets can last for several decades. If you use special materials, the use time will be longer, so in general, metal wound gaskets are still used normally before the valve body is damaged. .

The use of oil supply and water supply are similar, but the requirements in the oil supply field will be higher. If the flange of the transmission pipe leaks, the oil will cause great pollution to the environment, if it appears in the ocean. The leak is largely difficult to detect. Therefore, when used in the petroleum field and pressure vessels, not only have special requirements for safety, but also some metal-wound gaskets whose quality has not been tested, not to mention paper mats.

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