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Eight methods for metal wound gasket removal

- Oct 31, 2018 -

Eight methods for metal wound gasket removal

1. Unloading method

Symmetrical, uniform, take turns to loosen the flange bolts 1/4 to 1 turn, and then officially remove the bolts.


2. Derusting method

The thread is saturated with kerosene or rust remover, removes rust, increases lubrication, and facilitates the removal of parts.


3. Expansion method 

Use a tool such as wedge iron to insert between the flanges and loosen the flange to be unloaded.


4. Pole method 

For the rusted and bonded gasket, first remove the bolt, then close the valve, and open the valve cover with the valve stem.


5. Knocking method 

Use a copper rod, a hammer, etc. to tap the valve body to loosen the parts and washers.


6. Wetting method 

Soak the gasket with solvent, kerosene, etc., to soften or peel off the sealing surface and disassemble.


7. Punching method 

It is fixed by four open loops, the gap between the ring grooves is small and there is no wrench position. It is very difficult to disassemble after the four open loops of the candle. The hole can be removed from the groove outside the valve, and the four open rings can be removed with a flat head.


8. Scraping method 

Use the blade to sharpen the sealing surface and remove the gasket and its residue. This method is especially suitable for rubber gaskets and rubber asbestos gaskets.

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