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Installation Requirements for gasket

- Nov 08, 2017 -

GASKET--Gasket installation Requirements


1, sealing gasket and flange sealing surface should be clean, not have any influence on the connection sealing performance scratches, spots and other defects exist.

2, the outer diameter of the gasket should be Biffaland the sealing surface is small, sealing gasket diameter should be larger than the diameter of the pipe, the difference between the two inner diameter generally take twice times the thickness of the gasket to ensure that after pressing, the inner edge of the gasket does not extend into the container or pipe, so as to avoid obstructing the flow of fluid in the container or pipeline.

3, sealing gasket preload should not exceed the design requirements, so as to prevent the sealing gasket excessive compression loss resilience.

4. When sealing gasket is pressed, it is best to use torque wrench. For large bolts and high-strength bolts, it is best to use a hydraulic tightening device. The tightening torque should be calculated according to the pressure of the given gasket, and the hydraulic pressure should be determined by calculation.

5, the installation of gasket, should be in order to tighten the nut in turn. However, you should not twist the design value once. Generally, the $number should be circulated at least, so that the stress distribution of the gasket is uniform.

6, to flammable, explosive media pressure vessels and pipelines, the replacement of gaskets should use safety tools, so as to avoid the tools and flanges or bolts collide, produce sparks, resulting in fire or explosion accidents.

7, if the pipeline leakage, must be reduced after treatment and then replace or adjust the installation of sealing gasket, is strictly prohibited with pressure operation.

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