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Metal wound gasket not suitable for medium

- Nov 08, 2017 -

One, metal wound gasket uses extremely wide, unless in extreme environment, usually will not fail

II. Scope of Use:

1, the use of temperature: -196℃–650℃ (oxidation medium is not higher than 450 ℃)

2, the use of pressure ≤26mpa 2

Third, performance:

1. Wide Application scope. Capable of high temperature, high pressure and adaptation to ultra-low or vacuum use.

2, the application of compensation capacity. In high temperature and high pressure fluctuation, the sealing performance is stable and the reliability is strong.

3. Good sealing performance.

4. Easy to use and install.

Metal wound gasket is a kind of sealing gasket which is widely used at present, the best elastomeric gasket in a semi metallic dense pad is alternately twisted by a V-shaped or W-shaped steel strip and a variety of fillers, capable of high-temperature, high-pressure and conditioned conditions under ultra-low or vacuum, by changing the material combination of the gasket, It can solve the chemical corrosion problem of the gasket by various mediums, and its structure density can be made according to different locking force requirements.

V. Sealing principle of metal wound gasket:

Applying the compressive load to the sealing surface to produce the compressive stress can increase the contact degree of the sealing surface, when the stress is enlarged enough to cause the surface to produce the obvious plastic deformation, the gap of the sealing surface can be filled and the leakage channel is blocked. The purpose of using metal wound gasket is to use gasket material to produce plastic deformation easily under the action of compressive load, so that it can fill the tiny uneven surface of the seal and seal it.

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