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Metal wound pad purchase options

- Jan 20, 2018 -

1, according to working conditions, flange sealing surface type selection gasket.

2, the selection of products with sound quality management system and effective operation of the production enterprises, the best choice of holding special equipment (pressure piping components) manufacturing license and effective type test report of the enterprise's products.

3, the compression rate, rebound rate and sealing performance is an important performance indicators gasket, in general, to meet the compression requirements under the premise of the higher rebound rate as possible; and to meet the requirements of the rebound rate standard Premise, the compression ratio of the test value is larger as well. Should choose a good sealing performance, moderate compression rate and rebound rate as large as possible products.

4, Gasket body surface is not allowed to affect the sealing performance of the scars, voids, uneven and rust defects. Gasket body surface non-metallic belt should be uniform, appropriate higher than the metal belt, the interlayer texture should be clear, but not to reveal the metal belt. Wound metal gasket spacing should be uniform, there should be no fusion or melting and other defects. Strengthen the surface of the ring should not have burrs, bumpy, rust and other defects, gasket main body upper and lower sealing surface and strengthen the ring spacing between the upper and lower surfaces should be equal within the strengthening ring and gasket body should be closely fixed, can not be loose; external reinforcement ring Gasket body should be maintained between the positioning and may be loose.

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