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Special installation requirements for gaskets

- Nov 08, 2017 -

1, the installation and the sudden plane flange matching sealing wound gasket, should pay attention to ensure that the seal and pipe concentric, generally used outside the reinforcement ring and the inner circumference of the bolt contact to locate, do not allow eccentric installation. When installing the basic type spiral wound gasket in the flange of the tenon groove surface, we should pay attention to keeping the gap with the groove wall surface.

2, installation width of a narrower metal coated gasket, should be a certain thickness of the steel plate on the outside of the gasket, and then tighten the flange, lest the metal gasket inside the cladding filler under pressure, the metal shell interface (or the opening) expansion, damage to metal coating gasket.

3, when the flange operating temperature is higher than 200 ℃, in the flange sealing surface and sealing gasket should be coated with sealant to prevent high temperature sealing gasket and flange sealing surface sintering, to overhaul and replace the sealing gasket to increase trouble.

4, the sealing surface is not normal, can be coated on the sealing surface after sealing rubber gasket installation. The sealant is generally composed of manganese dioxide, lead dan, graphite powder and flax oil (drying) after the boil. According to the sealing medium, working temperature and medium pressure conditions, the corresponding type and grade of liquid sealant can be selected.

5, for the installation of octagonal metal ring gasket, when the metal ring gasket and flange sealing groove processing is not ideal, you can achieve close fitting through the research. For large diameter metal ring gasket, matching research is difficult, in order to fill the metal surface of tiny uneven, can be used sealant.

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