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China Auto Parts Industry Overview

- Jan 19, 2018 -

The development of China's auto parts industry began in the fifties of last century to FAW, the establishment of two steam began to gradually develop. Before the eighties of last century, China's auto parts production mainly for truck matching, industry development is relatively slow; after the reform and opening up, with the passenger car industry started and development, China's auto parts manufacturers and vehicle manufacturers gradually After the accession to the World Trade Organization, China's auto parts market further open up, the growing market demand to attract international auto parts enterprises one after another in our joint venture or Sole proprietorship build factories, prompting the rapid development of China's auto parts industry, the industry continues to expand.

At present, China's auto parts industry is being profoundly affected by the global changes in the industrial structure of auto parts industry. In the new century, the development of the international auto parts industry has entered an era of historic turning point. This is mainly caused by the fact that a large amount of information and high technology are involved in the auto parts industry. With informationization, digitization and networking as the mainstream parts and components industry structure paradigm Grow faster and faster.

Compared with the new changes in the auto parts industry in the world, there is a new gap between domestic enterprises. This gap is not measured in terms of time and space, as most enterprises are still in the traditional state of high material consumption and high-density labor lags. This is a gap of different magnitudes, which must be reversed in nature before it is possible to catch up. It is believed that the state has realized the importance of the fundamental role of auto parts and will make the necessary and significant measures for its development so as to bring tremendous confidence and determination to the majority of auto parts enterprises.

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