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Fabrication Technology Of Metal Wound Gasket

- Nov 08, 2017 -

Metal winding gasket is a steel strip and graphite material from winding machine winding, production process is not very complex, but product quality is the national certification of customers can rest assured that the purchase of use.

Metal Wound gasket manufacturing process, metal winding type gasket in the special winding machine winding. The winding machine is machined by machine tool precision, which consists of host, feed system, gas source and control system. The use of special motor, metal winding gasket production process without inertia, can be instantaneous parking; spindle speed 4 adjustable, can make different diameters of the gasket with similar line speed winding; adjusting handwheel can change the position of the pressing wheel to fit the winding diameter of different specification gasket.

The feed system is composed of a gear train bracket and a belt pulley, a transition wheel, a guide wheel, a packing belt plate and a forming metal belt plate which are connected with the movable rocker arm, and has the same positioning datum as the pressing wheel to ensure that the wheels are in the same center plane.

Metal Wound gasket Production process gas source from the air compressor, through the filter valve to the solenoid valve, and then through the pressure regulator valve to the cylinder to promote the piston and connected to the pressure wheel on the piston rod, resulting in a compressive force. Metal winding gasket making process the tangential pulling force of the metal Belt is produced by the friction moment of the electromagnetic clutch connected to the steel strip plate, and the excitation voltage of the electromagnetic clutch is controlled by adjusting the controller, and the excitation voltage attenuation coefficient is set on the controller, which can be chosen according to the need.

The size of the metal wound gasket is measured on-line by the displacement sensor during the winding process of the gasket making process. Fabrication of metal wound gaskets The sensor converts the displacement of the gasket width to the corresponding voltage signal. Into the controller of the first level preset 0 points, and compared with two set values, when any of the set value, the relay action, so that the contactor release, motor stop, so as to realize the automatic control gasket width.

Fabrication process of metal wound gasket The new type winding machine is characterized by high precision, automatic feeding of packing belt, display and control of process parameters, and automatic measurement of dimensions. Therefore, the effect of manual operation is eliminated, and the quality of gasket and the efficiency of production are obviously improved.

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