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Knowledge Of Winding Type Gasket For CNC Spring Machine

- Nov 08, 2017 -

Spiral wound gasket is widely used in industrial manufacture, it can be said that spiral wound gasket is an indispensable tool in industrial production. Many manufacturers choose wound gaskets as their own production parts, not unreasonable. Spiral-wound gasket with strong adaptability, plasticity and other characteristics, is a popular product in the industrial field.

CNC Spring Machine Spiral wound gasket is a V-shaped or W-shaped section of metal belt and Non-metallic packing belt by spiral winding, so, it has a multi-channel sealing effect, seal contact surface small, the required bolt force is small. And because of the metal belt of the cross-section V-type or W-type, elastic, there are multi-channel sealing effect. When the temperature, pressure fluctuations, bolts slack or mechanical vibration, because the gasket rebound, still can remain sealed.

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